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1. Users are not allowed to register login names, use signatures and avatars that may insult other forum members or visitors, or affiliate to any political organizations, parties and/or propagandas (including presently inactive or prohibited by International Court of Justice’s decision, for instance, fascist). After a verbal warning by moderator, the user is given 24 hours for adjustments pointed discrepancies to the rules.
2. While posting messages, forum members are obliged to use appropriate language writing type (Latin alphabet for English, Cyrillic alphabet for Russian, etc.). The use of different language writing type is acceptable if this is impossible in appropriate language due to its nature (for instance, technical terms). Nevertheless, reading ability by other users must be lightened as much as possible.
3. Users are not allowed to post messages that contain information about possible fixed results in KHL games. This restriction is not related to discussion of articles from other mass media; however, the source of information and a link to it must be placed along with the article.
4. When a user is quoting information from any source, he or she must provide a link to the source.
5. A warning (expires in 8 days) may be given to a user for following reasons:
5.1. Posting meaningless or non-substantial information, that does not give any meanings (also known as ‘flood’). Among others, flood means posting short slogans to support one of the teams, messages containing only smilies and/or punctuation marks, and also, messages that contain sentences with too many punctuation marks. Exception: messages posted on a game day in a message thread related to the game.
5.2. Messages that are not related to the discussion thread (also known as off-topic).
5.3. Opening new topics that are not related to a theme of a given section. The topic is to be closed or deleted.
5.4. Opening a topic “Why the horns are not allowed in the arena”.
5.5. Posting unnecessarily rude statements and using curse language. The usage of curse language means not only full spelling of certain words, but also, the use of any graphic symbols that are associated with a given word.
5.6. Discussion of political, historical and other topics that are not related to orientation of the forum in other than “Offtopic” section.
5.7. Placement of messages and/or images that may offend other forum members, or messages that humble forum members based on national, racial, religious, sexual and other indications.
5.8. Usage of nicknames, avatars and signatures that conform the rules of forum.
5.9. Public discussion of moderators’ actions.
5.10. Placement of advertisement in signatures, avatars or messages. Advertisement, meaning information about addresses, phone numbers, internet sources of any commercial enterprise, as well as usage of their logos and symbols. This rule does not apply to sports clubs, leagues or federations.
5.11. Usage of text signatures in personal profile that are longer than three lines of text.
5.12. Usage of graphic or animation files in personal profiles that are wider than 350 pixels and higher than 40 pixels.
5.13. Placement of a graphic file in message that exceeds acceptable sizes (800x600).
5.14. Non-usage of a TRANSLIT function while typing messages in alien language (Latin/Cyrillic alphabet).
5.15. Typing messages in all caps, as well as on purpose rotation of capital and small letters.
5.16. Posting messages with information about possible fixed results of games (except paragraph 3 of present rules).
6. A ban is given for (restriction of access to the forum, active up to 500 hours):
6.1. In case of receiving second warning, while the first one is still active.
6.2. Due to a threat to other forum members.
6.3. Due to a secondary registration using another nickname in case of not expired ban (maximal length of ban).
6.4. Ignorance of given warning by moderator about nickname, avatar or signature that do not comply the forum rules.
7. Moderators shall consider a path of discussion while performing his/her duties.
8. While submitting a penalty, moderator must inform a user the paragraph of rules that apply to a warning or ban execution.
9. A user can appeal moderator’s action by sending a message to forum’s administrator. Then, administrator must contact two other moderators about the situation, and after 48 hours a well-reasoned decision must be announced. In case if a consensus is not found, a decision break point is up to the forum administrator. The decision must become available to a user who sent an appeal right away. The response must be sent through personal messaging in forum from administrator; two moderators’ names shall be indicated.
10. All users and moderators must use maximally polite language in communication with other users.
11. Forum’s administration has a right to restrict new themes creation.
12. During registration process users agree to follow forum rules.

All times are UTC + 2 hours

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